3d Logo Signage of Johannesburg is the leading manufacturer and installer of commercial 3D dimensional logos and dimensional lettering signage for office walls, retail storefronts, commercial buildings, corporate environments, institutional settings, universities, medical centers and other types of spaces in South Africa, Johannesburg.

Our custom 3d Logo Signage and 3-dimensional sign making process utilizes high quality state of the art laser cutting, CNC routing and water-jet cutting machinery in order to fabricate the best dimensional logo signage and letters for our clients. These types of signs are the most popular in the industry for corporate wall space branding, building identification, wayfinding, and retail displays. We are able to customize any size and depth to your liking.

Dimensional Letters

From indoor 3d Logo Signage for business signs to sign company logos and even large plastic wall signs this site features one of the largest selection of three d letters and dimensional letters available online. Three D letters have a variety of uses, including custom logo signs, business signs for buildings and retail signage. Plastic and specialty dense foam letters make up some of the most popular items that we carry. Our custom made 3 D signs are used to convey brands and advertising messages at office buildings, reception areas, retail store walls, and even schools and other institutions. No matter the occasion, these custom made sign letters that you can order online are the best choice for your interior design and customer communication needs. Reinforce your brand marketing, show school spirit or direct shoppers to the right store department with a raised letter sign.

3d Logo Signage and Dimensional lettering is offered in a multitude of materials for a variety of uses and size considerations. DGS Retail has raised letters in almost any thickness and height of the individual letters. Our most common materials for inside letter signs are from 4″ high to 24″ high and in either 1/4″, 1/2″ or 1″ thicknesses. However, every company logo sign or in store signage design is different and we can handle most custom requests.

An elegant plastic letter sign or foam letter sign will add a professional touch to your interior design plans. Treat your customers and visitors to a commanding high quality sign like those found in businesses, high end retailers, schools and institutions. A solid looking lettered sign conveys a sense of permanence to your business or store that retail architects and interior designers favor. Letters can be made from metal, plastic, wood or special dense foam. Our best sellers are plastic and dense foam with a plastic face.

Add Three-Dimensional Signage To Any Wall Setting

We offer a large selection of 3d Logo Signage and  letter styles and fonts. There are also many colors to choose from. The raised lettering is custom made to your order and is ordered online for your convenience. To order simply measure your wall or area that you want the dimensional signage to go. Choose the size letters that will fit. The letters are sold individually and can spell out almost anything that your design calls for. A DGS Retail 3D Sign specialist will contact you after you’ve entered your order into our system. The 3d Logo Signage Specialist will then review the many styles and options and will email you a color proof showing your sign. DGS Retail does not manufacture your sign until we receive your approval on the color proof. We also offer award-winning design services. Get a completely custom 3D sign made that will wow your customers! Sign installation options are available.

Put our large selection of vintage and modern 3d Logo Signage and lettering to work for you. Foam letters for signs, letter signs and plastic letters for signs will turn any boring wall into the perfect brand message or entrance into your institution. For specialty signs check out some of our more custom signage options for grocery stores, liquor stores and restaurants. Even if you do not have these types of businesses the signs are custom made and can say virtually anything. Many times people see one of our signs and want to modify the design to say something completely different.

3d Logo Signage For Store Shelving

Store 3d Logo Signage for Pick an pay Shelving

Retail signage and in store sign displays assist your customers in finding what they need. This helps them when they are visiting your store. The best shopper navigation ideas or retail wayfinding solutions often incorporate aisle signage and markers. Shoprite store shelving makes up the majority of retail floor plans. This is true in many types of retailers. Yet this area of the store floor plan layout is often overlooked when it comes to providing adequate shopper way finding signage. Product category information is another form of communication that a customer needs in the store aisle. Retail visual merchandisers, cross merchandising specialists and retail architects agree that a professionally designed store interior design can help to increase your sales. In store signage will also increase product turns and your bottom line profits. If you are interested in improving sales at an existing retail business the experts all suggest implementing a well-executed store signage plan. This applies if you want to start a new retail business too. Generally, Woolworths 3d Logo Signage holders and signage are for the center store or the retail Clicks shelving area.

3d Logo Signage is one of the best tips for ways to open or start a retail business, grocery store or warehouse is to add store aisle sign holders and aisle markers to the Steers shelving or to pallet racking as seen in some home centers. This tip also matters when opening a wine store or a liquor store. Even convenience stores can add Shoprite aisle sign holders and aisle markers to their gondola shelving. Many store owners think that after a store’s operations cost, retail inventory and store employees that grocery retail signage is the next thing to consider. Managers know that store fixtures equipment, store interior design and in-store signage ideas are important to running a successful store.

Proven Effectiveness of Retail Store 3d Logo Signage

3d Logo Signage our shopping insights studies have proven that using 3d Logo Signage markers in your store signage layout can be a relatively easy method to add effective retail wayfinding signs. These signs are looked at on average over 26 times in the first 10 minutes of a typical shopping trip. Supermarket interior design, grocery store design or other retail store design ideas can include this type of signage to speed up the path to purchase and help improve customer satisfaction at the same time. Store aisle signs help to boost sales, improve category management, streamline customer traffic and can lead to additional positive social media reviews and customer satisfaction. 3d Logo Signage assist in increasing profit margins in grocery, liquor, convenience and industrial supply stores by helping shoppers quickly locate what they came into your store for. Signs are a good way to present impulse items to shoppers and that can add incremental sales to your bottom line from each trip to the store that they make. Store signs and decorations are extremely valuable when you are trying to differentiate your brand from competitors. The process of applying the best or coolest retail design to an interior design plan can be a key ingredient in the overall success of a store. Use 3d Logo Signage for a large selection of gondola shelving aisle signs and retail end cap signage displays that are proven retail wayfinding solutions. Add supermarket decor, grocery store layout ideas or small store design concepts for a complete interior design program. Some of 3d Logo Signage’s best ideas or tips start with aisle signs and markers that used on store shelving or liquor store shelving.

3d Logo Signage Holders Are a Powerful Type of Signage in Retail Stores

Johannesburg aisle sign holders are often referred to as aisle markers, grocery aisle signs or store aisle signs. At 3d Logo Signage, you can order the metal sign holders online and we custom print the aisle signs to your specifications. 3d Logo Signage has been manufacturing store display signs since 2008. We do this for many sectors of the retail industry including the food display marketing industry, liquor stores and convenience stores. The signs are often used at department stores; industrial supply warehouses and plumbing supply stores too. Let 3d Logo Signage be your one stop aisle sign warehouse! Our 3d Logo Signage are designed to attach to the end cap displays of the Fruit Shop shelving floor display racks or to be used down the center of the grocery store aisles. The signs are in store signage and can often depict custom digitally printed graphics that can feature your store logo or advertising message. Use them as a category management tool to advertise product categories that can display the items that shoppers will find down each store aisle. 3d Logo Signage makes hanging aisle signs as well for suspending from a ceiling. Hanging aisle signs are generally used in a larger store environment instead of gondola aisle sign holders.

3d Logo Signage End Cap Sign Holder

The Johannesburg sign holders are custom printed grocery store signs and are mounted to the store Gauteng shelving or end caps. 3d Logo Signage has in-house store designers that developed the elegant sign hardware shown in this category. The sign brackets or hardware are designed to be able to be attached directly to most Johannesburg shelving or retail floor displays. The brackets will fit store fixtures from Lozier, Madix and Storflex. The sign hardware can also be mounted to most flat surfaces too. 3d Logo Signage aisle sign hardware is specially engineered to fit over the top caps of these types of store shelving systems. We supply gondola shelving instructions for the sign installation. Sign hardware brackets are offered in hundreds of hot retail design styles that look great in any retail environment. Combine our sign hardware brackets with stunning custom printed retail aisle marker signs to create millions of unique styles. These are great supermarket sign ideas at a low store signs cost.

Use to Add 3d Logo Signage  to Single Sided or Double Sided

The sign mounting brackets are all height adjustable. This is so you can place the aisle marker signs on different height store fixtures and still have them look like they are the same height above the finished floor. It creates the professional retail design look that store designers and visual merchandisers crave! 3d Logo Signage’s unique sign hardware can be positioned so that the signs are either perpendicular or parallel to the gondola shelving. Angle the sign depending on customer and shopper traffic patterns in your store. 3d Logo Signage aisle signs are sold in 2 designer shapes. We offer an upside-down “L” shaped sign that is generally used to display the aisle marker on one side . The other version is a “T” shape that can display two custom printed aisle signs so that there’s one sign over each side of the gondola. The “T” shape is most effective for island gondolas. The “L” shape is better suited for wall shelving or above beer coolers or frozen food cases. The end cap aisle signs are generally in a “T” shape and feature multiple custom printed signs that are hung from each other and show all the categories that are stocked on the shelves down the aisle.

3d Logo Signage

Lobby Logos and 3D Signs

Loyalty and brand recognition are incredibly important to every organization. When it comes to interior 3d Logo Signage, one of the most critical aspects is your logo. You can make your logo and image “Pop” by installing a 3D sign in your lobby. Don’t just trust the image of your business to just any sign company. 3d Logo Signage has been manufacturing and installing signs for nearly 14 years. And with that experience has come the ability to create exquisitely constructed and highly detailed signs. We’re involved with every step of the process, all the way from design up to installation. We’ll help you brainstorm ideas and create a sign that works in the setting you need it installed.

The Power of 3d Logo Signage and 3D Signage

The options for the composition of your sign are almost limitless, incorporating a wide range of effects and materials, from plain acrylic cut-outs to a variety of lighting effects such as neon and back lighting. When crafted skilfully, 3d Logo Signage and 3D signs give your business increased visibility and novelty, which can help it stand out from the visual onslaught customers are subjected to every day.

The Importance of Lobby 3d Logo Signage

Everyone knows the importance of first impressions, especially in business. This is one of the reasons we place such an emphasis on signs, logos and the imagery that we employ to best represent us. When a customer is entering your business, at some level, your first impression has succeeded. A great outdoor sign is an important part of a first impression and it goes a long way toward attracting customers. After its work is done, a good Lobby 3d Logo Signage will continue to impart valuable information to your customers. At best, a lobby 3d Logo Signage will continue building the positive image of your business or non-profit organization by giving a sense of its values and ideals. At worst, a poor lobby logo can show your customers that you’re not detail oriented and thus won’t be responsive to their needs.

Judge our Sign Manufacturing of 3d Logo Signage that Work for Your Business

Custom fabricated laser cut dimensional 3d logo wall signage in acrylic and metal for corporate interior office lobby and reception spaces in South Africa.

Metal Letters

Waterjet cut precision made metal letters and metal logos in aluminum, stainless steel, brass and bronze. Great for lobby wall branding and reception areas.

Vinyl Graphics

Custom adhesive vinyl graphics, wall decals, store window graphics, wall murals, window wraps and more vinyl signage in South Africa, Gauteng.

custom etched and engraved metal plaques and cast bronze plaques for donor wall, dedication, wayfinding and building identification in South Africa.

Acrylic / Glass Signage

Etched glass signage and custom printed clear and frosted acrylic signage panels mounted with standoffs onto commercial interior offices in Johannesburg

Window Frosting

Custom frosted window film, privacy film graphics, distraction markings for office glass interiors, conference rooms, and glass doors in Gauteng


Corporate Image,  Office Signage,   3d Logo Signage

Bring out the best in your corporate employees with appealing workspace design and office branded signage.


Retail Signage Graphics and 3d Logo Signage

Create custom window graphics and storefront signage for your retail space to attract more customers.


Architectural Signage and 3d Logo Signage

For architects and contractors alike, build your custom wayfinding signage program for your clients.

3D Dimensional Logo Wall Signage for Lobby and  3d Logo Signage for Reception

3d Logo Signage of Johannesburg specializes in custom laser cut dimensional acrylic logo wall signage painted in any color and finish imaginable to match your corporate branding guidelines. Our 3d logo wall signage is perfect for branding your office interiors, reception walls, lobby walls, elevator banks, entranceways, hallways and corridors. Contact us for a free consultation on your next corporate 3d logo wall signage project in Gauteng and we will provide you with a detailed 3d Logo Signage proposal.

What are Dimensional Sign Letters?

Dimensional sign letters are 3D letters made from Acrylic, or Metal that are mounted individually to the wall. They can either be raised on clear spacers or mounted flush with the wall. Options for depth include 1/16″ to 1″ for flat cut materials and 1″ – 5″ and up for layered Foam, Layered MDF or Channel letters.

We have years of experience designing signs. Thanks to our experience, after seeing your logo, we can always suggest the best way to bring it to life using different materials, depths and finishes.

However, here is everything about what goes into making dimensional signs, letters and logos. These options will give you a better sense of our recommendations.

If you are a designer or looking to take part in the sign design process, feel free to draw upon this information when discussing your sign idea with us.

Types of Dimensional Letters

Dimen­sion­al let­ters are made using two dif­fer­ent meth­ods of production.

  1. Flat Cut­ting (CNC)
  2. Chan­nel Let­ter Forming
  3. Flat Cut Letters

Flat cut let­ters are CNC (Com­put­er Numer­i­cal Con­trol) cut using a com­put­er con­trolled machine with a laser, water jet or router bit attachment.

  1. Fab­ri­cat­ed Chan­nel Letters

Chan­nel let­ters are met­al or plas­tic signs made of bent chan­nels that are glued or weld­ed into cus­tom shaped let­ters or symbols.

3D Letters 101

How do 3D let­ters work? What type of mate­r­i­al do you use, what colour should the let­ters be, what are my options?

There are 3 Main options when mak­ing dimen­sion­al signs:

We will go into these in fur­ther detail below.

Sign Depth (Thickness)

Flat cut mate­ri­als nor­mal­ly range in depth between 1⁄8″ to 1″. It’s best to choose your let­ter­ing depth based on the size of the let­ter­ing and how they’re going to be used.

For exam­ple, thin­ner let­ters mount­ed flush with the wall work bet­ter for high traf­fic areas like desks and hall­ways. Thin­ner let­ters have a low­er pro­file and don’t get in the way.

On the oth­er hand, less fre­quent­ed areas like walls behind recep­tion desks are more pro­tect­ed and can allow for indi­vid­u­al­ly cut let­ter­ing raised off the wall on pegs for an addi­tion­al float­ing effect.

Most com­mon flat cut mate­r­i­al depths along with their best use cases:

1/4” (Quarter Inch) Depth

Ide­al if you are on a bud­get or for sub­head­ings and sec­ondary infor­ma­tion. We usu­al­ly cut this depth with an adhe­sive sticky back to allow the sign to be eas­i­ly adhered to the wall.

Acrylic letter sign with quarter inch letters painted to match and adhered directly to the wall.

Exam­ple of ¼” acrylic cut-out let­ter sign mount­ed flush or direct­ly to the wall.

1/2” (Half Inch) Depth

Our most pop­u­lar depth for 3D raised let­ters. This Depth can be raised on spac­ers (small peg mounts) for an addi­tion­al float­ing effect or direct­ly to the wall on dou­ble sided tape. Pro­vides a sub­stan­tial look and feel.

Acrylic letter sign with half inch thick letters painted to match and adhered directly to the wall.

Exam­ple of ½” acrylic cut-out let­ter sign mount­ed flush or direct­ly to the wall.

3/4” (Three Quarter Inch) Depth

Excel­lent for when you need a beefi­er, bold­er look.

1” (One Inch) Depth

Per­fect for a very bold look. Usu­al­ly the max depth for flat cut materials.

How far are they raised off the wall?

Anoth­er ques­tion relat­ed to mate­r­i­al depth is how far the let­ters stick off the wall. Mean­ing how far are the dimen­sion­al let­ters spaced off the wall on mounts, pegs, rods, or spacers.

In most cas­es, we raise our signs off the wall on 1⁄2″ spac­ers. Rais­ing the indi­vid­u­al­ly cut let­ters gives them an added float­ing or hov­er­ing effect that makes them appear more 3 dimensional.

Depend­ing on your light­ing, rais­ing your sign on 1⁄2″ mounts will also cast a shad­ow. The shad­ow effect can be increased or decreased by adjust­ing your lighting.

Although the aver­age spac­er depth is 1⁄2″, we can also accom­mo­date requests for cus­tom spac­er depths such as 1⁄4″, 3⁄4″, 2″, 5″ or any oth­er depth.

Cer­tain wall types, such as ledge stone or irreg­u­lar pat­terned walls may require the dimen­sion­al let­ters to be raised at var­i­ous depths. In this case we usu­al­ly include thread­ed rods with no set spac­er depth and the height of the let­ters off the wall can be adjust­ed man­u­al­ly, ensur­ing the let­ters are level.

When dimen­sion­al let­ters are flush mount­ed with sticky back or dou­ble sided tape, then they will only raise off the wall by the depth of the let­ters them­selves because the tape itself does not have much thick­ness to it.

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