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We use acrylic because it is ver­sa­tile, high qual­i­ty, and very durable. Most impor­tant­ly, acrylic can be laser cut.

Because acrylic can be laser cut for 3D Sign for Business, it allows us to get very cre­ative when mak­ing 3D let­ters and logos. Laser cut­ting allows us to make very com­pli­cat­ed logos in a num­ber of impres­sive look­ing colours and finishes.

Acrylic can be lam­i­nat­ed with com­plex prints, cus­tom films, brushed met­al and mir­rored or chrome fin­ish­es to make very high end and high­ly cus­tomiz­able 3D logos.

We often com­bine acrylic with brushed sil­ver or chrome mir­ror fin­ish­es and paint the pre­cise, laser cut edges to match the sur­face of the mate­r­i­al. This allows us to achieve the look of high end met­al fin­ish­es with­out using heavy and expen­sive real met­al fin­ish­es. The major­i­ty of the met­al look­ing signs in our exam­ple gallery are made using this finish.

We call brushed sil­ver lam­i­nat­ed acrylic fin­ish­es: brushed met­al substitute.


We can use the fol­low­ing types of met­al for dimen­sion­al signs:


Stain­less Steel




We have acrylic based, ​“brushed met­al sub­sti­tutes” for all met­al options. These acrylic based metal­lic fin­ish­es are com­mon­ly pre­ferred because they are more cost effec­tive, involve more pre­cise laser cut man­u­fac­tur­ing tech­niques and often pro­duce a clean­er, sharp­er logo.

Tra­di­tion­al flat cut met­al is often used for dimen­sion­al let­ters and signs in cas­es where more cost effect acrylic based, brushed met­al sub­sti­tutes can­not be used such as out­doors or in spe­cif­ic envi­ron­ments requir­ing a cer­tain met­al finish.


We can use a num­ber of wood fin­ish­es for dimen­sion­al let­ters and signs:

Raw wood

Stained wood


Paint­ed MDF

Wood is laser cut to make wood­en dimen­sion­al let­ters and logos. Any part of the wood that is cut will have a dark burnt edge. This edge can either be left nat­u­ral­ly dark or addi­tion­al­ly it can be stained or paint­ed a cus­tom color.

Wood can also be laser engraved or etched. Details that are laser etched will nat­u­ral­ly come out dark and burnt. We con­trol the lev­el of dark­ness based on how much pow­er we use to laser etch the design. The etched design can either be light or very dark depend­ing on the look you pre­fer. The dark­er the image, the deep­er the engrav­ing will be.

We also use laser cut wood for dimen­sion­al let­ters requir­ing cus­tom cer­tain fin­ish­es such as faux rust.

Wood is a very cost effec­tive option for large orders of dimen­sion­al letters.


Com­mon­ly used dimen­sion­al sign let­ter finishes:

Paint­ed to match cor­po­rate col­ors (Cus­tom pan­tone, PMS #‘s)

Brushed nick­el

Brushed gold

Mir­rored (Chrome)

Frost­ed Acrylic (Pas­tel Ice Frost®)

Glossy black (Pig­ment­ed acrylic)

We con­tin­ue to inno­vate with a wide array of cus­tom finishes.

We have the widest selec­tion of acrylic based brushed met­al sub­sti­tute fin­ish­es that pro­vide the look and feel of sol­id met­al, with a crisper and more refined appear­ance at a frac­tion of the cost.

Com­plex gra­di­ents and graph­ics can be dig­i­tal­ly print­ed onto the mate­r­i­al and cut to shape. The edges of the mate­r­i­al can then be paint­ed to match the gra­di­ents on the faces of the letters.

How are dimensional letters made?

4 Few easy steps for mak­ing 3D sign letters:

Art­work Preparation

Laser Cut­ting



Art­work Preparation

In order to ensure the high­est qual­i­ty final prod­uct for your sign, we require the orig­i­nal art­work files for your logo. This could be a file in either .EPS, .PDF or .AI for­mat with vec­tors. You should be able to get this from the per­son who designed your logo. Although we can­not pro­ceed with­out this file, if you do not have it, we will help you recre­ate it.

If you have spe­cif­ic col­ors to match such as Pan­tone col­ors or paint swatch­es, we need them at this point so that our team can mix our paints accordingly.

Laser Cut­ting

We use a high grade indus­tri­al CNC laser cut­ting machine that fol­lows every point and curve of your logo to ensure our dimen­sion­al sign is cut pre­cise­ly to specifications.


Once your dimen­sion­al let­ters have been cut, we paint them to match. Brushed fin­ish­es also have edges paint­ed sil­ver to match for a sol­id, seam­less look.


We pro­vide every­thing required to mount your sign in the box, includ­ing easy to use mount­ing pat­tern, instal­la­tion instruc­tions, hard­ware and adhe­sives. We also pro­vide local instal­la­tion pro­fes­sion­als to help with dimen­sion­al sign let­ter installation.

Excited to start your 3D Sign for Business Project?

We make cus­tom dimen­sion­al signs quick and easy— from design­ing, and sug­gest­ing mate­r­i­al options to deter­min­ing wall mount­ing details for instal­la­tion— We have you cov­ered! Get in touch to quote and order your own dimen­sion­al sign.

Examples of Dimensional Sign Letters and 3D Sign for Business

3D Office Sign Aluminum Style – How To Get Aluminum Lobby Signage Affordably

Since 2008, we’ve had the pleasure of helping Woolworths brand form, expand and evolve. Along the way we’ve offered guidance in bringing their brand to life with clean, unique, and eye catching lobby signage. Most recently we helped Shoprite their new office signage onto a 3M Architectural film finish mimicking the look and feel of stained wood.

3D Sign for Business  and 3D office reception sign for Dealer-FX on wooden reception wall with Becky Duncan and Jessie Mitchell

Deal­er-FX head office from left to right, Becky Dun­can, and Jessie Mitchell proud­ly rep­re­sent their com­pa­ny, stand­ing next to their new­ly re-installed office lob­by signage.


3D Sign for Business and Materials: Acrylic Length: More than 8 foot (96″) 3D Sign for Business Thickness (Letter): Three quarter inch thick (3/4″) Letters Mounting Method: Raised on Threaded Rods Illumination: Spot Light Lighting Finish: Brushed Aluminum Metal Substitute Signs Type: Office Lobby Signs Location: Indoor Signs Industry: Auto Dealer Signs

In the beginning, it came down to picking the right signage material with a high end look so that the company could maintain it’s luxury brand.

They were look­ing for office sig­nage that would jive well with their pri­ma­ry audi­ence, deal­er­ships. The aes­thet­ic need­ed to be clean and sim­ple while exud­ing pow­er, dom­i­nance and control.

A sol­id met­al 3D office sign this thick would be extreme­ly heavy, not to men­tion pri­cy. So we had to come up with an alter­na­tive. In this case the prime can­di­date was our 3⁄4″ brushed alu­minum sub­sti­tute finish.

This 3D fin­ish would pro­duce the same look and feel as tra­di­tion­al alu­minum sig­nage let­ters with a few major benefits.

Com­pared to tra­di­tion­al sol­id cut alu­minum let­ters, brushed alu­minum substitute:

Is Less Costly

Is Lighter

Has crisper, more pol­ished edges.

3D Sign for Business  and Brushed Alu­minum Sub­sti­tute, being laser cut, at deep­er thick­ness­es pro­duces a crisper, smoother edge. A sol­id met­al sig­nage let­ter, using tra­di­tion­al meth­ods, can also be made to look this way. But it would require exten­sive time and labour to clean and pol­ish the edges and faces of the let­ters after the cut­ting process. This results in much high­er costs.

Anoth­er alter­na­tive would be a tra­di­tion­al met­al chan­nel let­ter sign. In this case the process would involve bend­ing and weld­ing thin­ner pieces of met­al for the edges or returns of the let­ters and then weld­ing them to the flat cut face of each letter.

Chan­nel let­ters are also more labour inten­sive and require more work than flat cut sig­nage mate­ri­als. Although, some­times the only way to achieve a cer­tain effect is to go with a chan­nel let­ter sign. In most cas­es it isn’t always nec­es­sary and can often be over kill.

If you are look­ing for dif­fer­ent shades, col­ors and vari­a­tions there are a num­ber of dif­fer­ent Brushed Met­al Sub­sti­tute fin­ish­es to choose from, includ­ing brushed nick­el, brushed bronze, brushed cop­per and more.

I believe a 3D Sign for Business and  brushed alu­minum would be the mate­r­i­al we would like to go with, but open to sug­ges­tions from you as you are the experts.

Brushed aluminum substitute raised acrylic 3D office lobby signage letters

Deal­er-FX want­ed the let­ters made of 3⁄4″ 3D Sign for Business  and Brushed Alu­minum Sub­sti­tute (an acrylic based fin­ish that looks like met­al). To add dimen­sion to the office sign let­ters we raised them off the recep­tion wall on clear 1⁄2″ spacers.

Bold aluminum style acrylic 3d office reception signage lettering for Dealer-FX

The 3D office sig­nage real­ly pops with the light shade brushed alu­minum style let­ter­ing re-installed onto the 3M Archi­tec­tur­al Film mim­ic­k­ing the look of a wood veneer wall.

Grey to Wood with an Office Sign and 3D Sign for Business

The wall was orig­i­nal­ly paint­ed grey. Due to time con­straints we need­ed to install the office sign onto a wall that was paint­ed grey for the time being. The plan was that it could lat­er be moved onto the wood fin­ish wall.

Reception desk office wall signage for Dealer FX mounted on painted drywall in lobby

Shiny aluminum style acrylic office signage raised off lobby wall

3D reception sign with LED lit office desk and people standing next to sign

Dealer-FX office reception signage reflects light from Halogen LEDs

The look and feel of the brushed alu­minum sub­sti­tute fin­ish depends on the lob­by’s avail­able light­ing. Chang­ing office sig­nage light­ing, keep­ing it in mind dur­ing the build­out and adjust­ing it to show­case your 3D sig­nage does won­ders to bring it out and make it shine.

What makes our 3D Sign for Business great?

Our 3D Sign for Business and logo signs are great for any company or organization looking to add signage to their interior wall, office, or lobby. Materials like Plastic and Foam are great affordable options, while our Metals will add elegance and a high-end look to your office or lobby. We also offer Metal Faced laminate letters which look like metal, but at a significantly lower price. And best of all, we offer Lighted Indoor Signs which will totally transform your interior office or lobby wall.

Focusing on brand quality with 3D office signage from the start

Look­ing back at the orig­i­nal Deal­er-FX 3D recep­tion sign we made back in 2008 you can see how the brand changed over time. It’s rel­a­tive to what it was in 2008. The style of let­ter­ing has changed slight­ly but tips it’s hat to the orig­i­nal logo look and feel and remains con­sis­tent for clients to fol­low and relate to.

While much has changed, a great deal remains the same. The style of let­ter­ing, with 3⁄4″ light shade brushed met­al sub­sti­tute raised off the wall on 1⁄2″ spac­ers, is famil­iar to the orig­i­nal sig­nage. If you look close­ly at the new space you can tell that more thought was put into light­ing, this time 5 direc­tion­al halo­gen LED lights were built into the ceil­ing. The light­ing solves the issue of illu­mi­nat­ing the desk below and prop­er­ly show­cas­ing the office sig­nage to visitors.

Get Affordable 3D Sign for Business Today

If you like our new and more afford­able 3⁄4″ Brushed Alu­minum Sub­sti­tute as an alter­na­tive to true alu­minum and would like to learn more, have a cus­tom quote pre­pared, and any ques­tions you may have answered get in touch through our quote page.

Completely Custom 3D Sign for Business

Our Indoor letters and logo signs are custom made specifically for you. We can match any custom logo, font or custom colors to match your brand or decor which makes them perfect for any interior lobby or inside wall.

brushed aluminum thick fabricated letters mounted inside lobby sign

Easy to Install

All of our Indoor letters and logo signs are very easy to install. We supply a mounting template, mounting hardware and instructions with every order. Our signs can be installed on drywall, tile, wood, stone, and many other common indoor wall materials.

backlit letters logo sign interior lobby in polished stainless steel for rising pharm

Lighted Options

If your looking to take your indoor space to the next level, then look no further than our Indoor Lighted signs. Popular styles like Backlit or Custom Lit with Neon or lighted acrylic will make your lobby or office stand out from the rest.

Plastic Interior Signs

Our Indoor Plastic Letters and Logo Signs are a perfect choice for customers who are looking for a great looking option, while also keeping cost low.


Our 3D Sign for Business is the most popular style which can be custom cut to match any logo or font style. Its available in our standard glossy colors, or it can be custom painted to match your specific brand or interior decor which makes it a great option for schools, businesses or any other organization.


Metal Interior Signs

If your Indoor office or lobby requires a high class look then our Indoor metal letters and logo signs are a perfect option.


All of our 3D Sign for Business are made using the highest quality materials like Acrylic Perspex Aluminium, Copper, Bronze, Brass and Stainless Steel. We offer multiple options and finishes like Brushed, Polished or Oxidized which will add uniqueness and elegance to your interior office or lobby space.


Lighted Interior 3D Sign for Business

Lighted signs and letters are most commonly used for exterior signage, but more businesses and organizations are now adding Lighted Signs on the Inside of their buildings to make their indoor space become truly one of a kind.

Our Backlit style is the most common for indoors, but we also have custom lighted options like Push Through Acrylic or Neon which are great for customers looking for a unique style.

Metal Faced Interior Signs

Almost everyone loves the look of real Metal signs, but sometimes it can be expensive! Our Metal Faced Indoor letters and logo signs are the perfect solution for customers who want the metal look but don’t want the expensive metal price.

We offer Metal on Acrylic which looks great and is almost half the price of real metal. We also offer Metal on Foam which offers great depth and is lightweight enough to be installed on almost any interior wall surface using just double sided tape.

Foam Interior Signs

Foam Indoor letters and logo signs are a great option for customers looking for 3D office signage that offers great depth. These lightweight letters can be custom cut to match any logo or font style, and can be painted to match any brand color or interior decor.

Easy to install with just simple double sided tape, these letters are perfect for office walls, feature walls, and interior lobby signs.

Interior Metal Plaques

Our Metal Plaques are built to last a lifetime outdoors, but they can also be used indoors for things like commemorations, donor walls, and memorials.

We offer the highest quality materials like Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel which will add a level of style and elegance that your indoor space needs. We also offer custom options like logos, portraits and images which will make your indoor plaque totally unique.

What is the best option for a 3D Sign for Business?

All of our 3D Sign for Business and logo signs are great and can be used for almost any school, business or organization. The most popular styles are Plastic or Metal which are available in a number of different colors and finishes, and can also be custom made to match your logo and font style. If your looking to save money, then our Metal Faced Letters or our Foam letters are great options. And if you’re looking for the biggest “wow” factor to make your indoor space really stand out, then our Indoor Lighted Signs are the perfect option.

Are your Indoor letters and logo signs easy to install?

With every order we supply detailed instructions, along with an easy to use mounting template and mounting hardware or double sided tape. Almost all of our signs can be easily installed by almost anyone, and on almost any indoor wall surface like drywall, wood or tile. In some cases, like with Lighted3D Sign for Business, the install can be a little more complicated but still simple enough for the majority of customers. Contact us if you have any install questions about your specific indoor sign request.

Can I use my custom logo or 3D Sign for Business for my indoor sign?

Yes! We can match almost any logo or font style for the large majority of our indoor letters and logo signs. Just send us your artwork file, font style, or custom colors and we can match it exactly in most cases.


How much does a 3D Sign for Business cost?

Prices for indoor signs can range dramatically depending on things like material, size, and quantity of letters or logos. In most cases, indoor signs using affordable materials like Plastic, Foam and Metal Faced materials can be in the range of R200 – R5000. More expensive materials like solid Metal or Lighted Indoor signs can be a lot more expensive. But because we sell signs at a large scale all over the country, we are confident that our pricing will be better than most sign companies no matter which material you choose.

What is manufacturing or lead time for Indoor Signs and 3D Sign for Business?

Most of our indoor signs and  3D Sign for Business can be made in 8 – 12 working days. But if you’re looking for something faster, materials like Plastic or Foam can be made in about 5 – 8 Working Days. Our Indoor Lighted Signs take about 14 – 18 working days to manufacture because of the labor and components involved.

Our your 3D Sign for Business and 3D indoor signs are durable and easy to maintain?

All of our indoor signs are made with the highest quality materials. All of our Metals, Plastics, Metal Faced, Foam and Plaque signs come with lifetime warranties for interior usage. Our Lighted Signs come with industry leading multiyear warranties depending on the lighting style and LEDs used for the sign.

You’re in Good Company:

Quality & Durability for 3D Sign for Business

All of our sign letters are made to the highest quality standards and use the best materials available. Our Plastic & Metal letters come with lifetime warranties, and our Lighted Letters come with some of the best warranties in the industry.

install formed plastic letters with studs and mounting template

Easy to Install

Installing our 3D Sign for Business is simple and easy. With every order we provide all the necessary hardware, instructions, and a paper mounting template which makes the process painless. If you still need a professional install – we can help with that too!

painted matte black acrylic plastic letters raised mounts inside retail parachute store

Look Great for Great Price

We pride ourselves on only carrying products that we would want to use for our own business. No matter what sign letter option you choose, we can guarantee its going to look great. And because we sell more volume than local companies, our pricing is usually better too!

Plastic Letters

Our Plastic Letters are a great economical signage choice, but that doesn’t mean they look cheap! Our Acrylic and Injection Molded Plastic Letters have nice clean edges and can be painted in any color for that custom high-end look. While our Formed Plastic letters come in variety of Font styles and color options, and offer great depth and value.

All of our Plastic Letters are also extremely durable and come with a lifetime warranty which makes them great choice for interior or exterior applications.

Plastic Letter Options

plastic letter options in painted injection molded acrylic and formed plastic

metal letter options in painted cast aluminum, brushed copper and bronze

Metal Letters

All of our Metal Letters come in a variety of metal finishes that all look amazing. Our Solid Aluminum letters are the most economical and are available in Brushed, Polished or Painted finishes. While our Bronze, Brass, and Copper letters are more expensive but have unmatched beauty and brilliance.

If you need something for harsh environments, our Stainless Steel Letters and Anodized Aluminum Letters offer maximum durability, making them great signage option for exterior environments.

Metal Letter Options

Lighted Letters

To get your brand or business noticed, choose from the largest selection of Lighted Sign Letters and Logo options in the industry. Our Lighted Letters are available in Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. They can also be painted in any color or have color changing RGB LEDs to make them really stand out. Our Backlit letters offer a cool Halo lit effect, while our Front Lit letters offer maximum brightness and visibility. If you want something unique, check out out our LED Neon letters.

Our 3D Sign for Business  and Lighted Letters are also easy to install in most applications and come with some of the best warranties in the industry.

Lighted Sign Options

edge lit back lit reverse channel letter in brushed stainless steel

Metal laminate Acrylic finish options aluminum bronze copper and brass

Metal Faced Letters

Our Metal Faced Letters are the perfect sign option for interior signage that needs to look like metal, but doesn’t cost like real metal.

These are lightweight sign letters which are made from acrylic or foam, but have a real metal laminate on the face. So you get the aluminum, brass, copper and bronze metal look but at a fraction of the true metal cost. They are also lighter than real metal letters which make them easier to install with double sided tape, adhesive, or stud mounts.

Metal Faced Options

Foam Letters

Foam letters are made exclusively for interior signage and make a great option for customers who want letters thick letters at an affordable price.

Our foam letters can be made up to 2” thick and can be painted in any color. They are also lightweight and easy to install with just double sided tape, making them great and for interior office walls or lobbies.

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3D Metal Letters and logos / Backlit 3D Letters / Face Lit 3D Letters / Push Thru Letters / Raised Letters on a Background / Custom Fabrication.
Blade Signs / Banners / Scaffolding Signage / Post and Panel Signs / Directional Signs / Exterior Grade Building Wraps / Window Graphics
Metal Plaques / Scaffolding Signage / Construction Job Site Signage / Custom Signage fabrication concepts.
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