Acrylic panel signs are created using a versatile acrylic glass commonly referred to as plexiglass. An acrylic panel sign is an ideal choice if you are looking for office signs or reception area signs with a sophisticated or innovative appearance. Durable and long-lasting acrylic panel signs come in various colors and can be used with internal and external lighting for an elevated look.

  • Restaurants: Restaurant signage can attract potential customers to your business and create an ergonomic lobby area that keeps the flow of customers moving smoothly. Signs can be an excellent navigational tool to let customers know where they can wait to be seated, make an order or even pick up a takeout order. An inviting atmosphere can help to encourage customers to come back again in the future.
  • Hotels: Signs for hospitality businesses can be a great way to extend a professional and inviting first impression to potential guests. In addition to being an extension of your branding, hotel signs can help designate reception areas and provide guests with useful navigational information.
  • Corporate businesses: Corporate lobby signs and other forms of signage can help extend your marketing efforts while creating a polished and professional appearance. Make sure your customers know your company values with signage that continues these themes.
  • Small businesses: Any form of advertising or marketing is necessary for a small business to get its message across and showcase the company to a larger audience. Signs for small businesses can help your brand stand out from competitors and increase the likelihood that a potential customer may consider your business when they need your product or service.

Interior Signage Applications

Lobby signage is a unique and customizable business aspect that uses various designs, colors, styles and lighting to attract and inform potential customers or clients. While many may think of a traditional business logo sign, various signage styles can help customers learn more about your brand or navigate throughout your business. Choosing the right sign for your company and industry can help increase sales and promote a positive experience for customers.