MST Sign Boards develops, produces and installs advertising poles across South Africa. We calculate the static requirements of all building components and provide the necessary legal documents. We lay the necessary foundation, and then transport the product and install on site. We supply technical documentation and offer servicing to ensure the installations’ longevity and compliance over the products lifetime.

We use long-life illuminating elements and extremely durable surface coatings to ensure a long product lifetime. MST Sign Boards is one of Johannesburg’s most experienced manufacturers in this area. We have been manufacturing and installing advertising poles up to a height of 65 m from both steel and concrete for more than 14 years across the whole of South Africa.

MST Sign Boards ’ product range covers all types of illuminated signage:

Light banners: MST Sign Boards produces all kinds of single or double-sided banners ranging from standard banners which have printed/plotted fronts to high-end aluminum banners – which are also available in custom shapes. In addition, we also produce high-end light boxes with a flexible face front for shadow-free illumination even over long distances (such as on the roofs of filling stations).

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Materials and Sign Manufacturing

Our sign company performs both exterior and interior sign fabrication using some of the most in-demand and long-lasting materials in the industry.

  • Create custom signage matched to your brand image with metal signs.
  • We offer digital printing for vinyl banners, traditional awnings and other printed Vinyls for exterior or interior custom display options.
  • Choose among a wide range of materials and finishing options to create the perfect Business Signage, painted signs, aluminum signs or acrylic signs for your business.