Getting signs for your business can be a daunting task. The cost of business signs alone can be overwhelming. However, knowing the right types of signs available can help determine which can benefit your business in Johannesburg


Interior Business Signs – signs found within your business space. These are ideal for incorporating your business theme and colors to boost your brand. Indoor signs can include, but are not limited to:


Lobby Signs

Wayfinding Signs

Room Identification Signs

Bathroom Signs

Wall Murals

Floor Graphics

Safety Signs


Exterior Business Signs – found on your storefront and around your business. These attract customers to your space and introduces your business to your target customers. Examples of outdoor signs include:


Channel Letter Signs

Storefront Signs

Monument Signs

Post and Panel Signs

Pylon Signs

Window Graphics


A FedEx study on signage showed that a lack of signs deterred 60% of people from entering a store or business. This goes to show how influential commercial signs are in your customers’ decision-making process. Here are different ways they can help your business:

How does a light box work?

A light box is built with an exterior frame and internal lighting source designed to illuminate a graphic from behind. All our light box frames are manufactured in-house, with lightweight and extremely durable aluminum extrusions.

Regarding the illumination, we offer Edgelit or Backlit light boxes.
On Edgelit, the LED bulbs are installed on the edges of the built-in etched acrylic panel, on which the graphic is placed directly, followed by the cover sheet. The Edgelit light boxes are more economical than backlit light boxes, for which the whole back of the graphic is illuminated.

Depending on the size of the light box you need, we will either recommend our Edgelit or Backlit options. In both cases, we will make sure that your graphic is evenly and harmoniously illuminated, as this is our primary concern.

Cutting-Edge Sign Shop

We continue to make investments in robotic automation and other new, high-tech machinery to increase our production volume and expand the breadth of our custom product offerings, all while maintaining the precision and high-quality we’re known for.


Adaptable Operating System

We continuously cross-train our manufacturing employees to operate flexibly, allowing us to scale up and down quickly to meet tight timelines on everything from low-volume custom builds to high-volume, large-scale productions. And as always, our designers, engineers, and fabricators have continued to collaborate to solve complex design problems and bring best-in-class visual displays to life.


We love taking on complex projects that stretch us to learn, grow and adapt, so reach out and let us know how we can help you brighten your brand. Our Warranty

We support everything we build with our manufacturer guarantee. We will inspect any unit to determine cause of failure and replace or repair any defective illuminators at no charge. Any malfunction caused by freight damage or improper installation will be repaired at our normal service rates.

Our guarantee means you can count on us back up whatever we make for you, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Please contact us for more information on our Warranty.

Back your business with LED

Backlit, 3D lettering with LED lighting creates a halo effect which looks both professional and elite. This cost-effective signage option looks great in every setting.


Ideal for retail businesses, shopping centres, professional businesses and hospitality. Our MST Sign Boards signage experts can guide you in terms of your letter sizing, selecting a simple or a more showy solution, as well as where your lettering will look its best. Whether your letters light up your building fascia, windows or rooftop, these backlit beauties will shine brightly for years to come.