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Description for a Chromadek Signage with full color vinyl
Chromadek signs are a cost effective branding method, that is hardy and almost maintenance free. They are the most popular and affordable type of rigid metal signage available.
Chromadek is an epoxy coated galvanised sheet.
Single or Double sided printing options available.
UV resistant paint or vinyl can be applied for extra protection.
Full Sheets Standard sizes and thickness 0.6 White Polar
2450mm x 1225mm
3000mm x 1225mm
Custom sizes available
Metal Outdoor Chromadek Signage
Conveying the right image is very important for any business, regardless of the industry they are in. High quality signage is one of the simplest ways to add a professional touch your environment – it gives those visiting you the impression that your business is established and trustworthy.
Chromodek signs are probably the most common outdoor billboard sign.
We offer Chromadek signs in almost any size. Standard sizes are 2450mm x 1225mm or 3000mm x 1225mm. We do cut to size and apply cut out vinyl or full colour vinyl prints to these Metal Outdoor Chromadek signage.
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Digital printed onto white vinyl, coated with a UV block laminate and applied to chromadek. This sign can be mounted onto a frame or attached directly to the wall. Standard and custom sizes

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One stop print shop for all your commercial and personal Chromadek Signage needs. We offer the cheapest in-house printing solution, with efficient, accurate and excellent customer services. With great printing product range get in house graphic designers having a wide range of skills and styles….. Know More

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We work with the highest commitment in the industry to provide the best customer service.

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We indent to meet all your end-to-end print on demand and fulfil all fast turnaround Chromadek Signage projects.

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Each multifamily community calls for a specific approach to Chromadek Signage based on several factors. An apartment community requires Chromadek Signage that delivers a unique atmosphere to its residents and their guests; an environment that makes them feel happy to be home. It’s also essential to attract your target prospective residents, looking for a new place that fits their lifestyle and aesthetics. We understand the primary importance of potential new tenants to recognize your apartment community as the right place for them. Our creative and architectural Chromadek Signage team assesses everything; including:

Target demographics: lifestyle, income, trends, interests, education, occupation, etc.

Nearby community and local feel; commercial and residential businesses that potentially crowd the way.

Your property’s history and atmosphere: Urban, rural, coastal, or other.

The purpose for your new Chromadek Signage; it may be to increase new residents, rebrand, match a new paint scheme or name change, or make the property attractive for investors.

Every one of your spaces serves a purpose, and we help define that purpose; leasing center, main lobby, pool signs, bark parks, parking, laundry rooms, and all the special features your property has to offer. Every tenant has a vision of what their ideal home feels like. Let’s create that feeling with an incredibly familiar, yet fresh atmosphere with amazing architectural signage. We work with developers, management companies, capital companies, builders, and contractors. View our services by industry to see which of our professional services and products align with your Chromadek Signage needs. Let’s light up your space
Customize your Chromadek Signage
Double Sided or V Shape Chromadek Signage in Johannesburg
Johannesburg’s Most Reliable Custom Chromadek Signage
We bring your space to life – whatever it may be – with our eco-friendly, user friendly Chromadek Signage throughout Gauteng.

Whether the job is big or small we get it done, from bedrooms to lounges, to events and weddings, offices, storefronts and beyond we’re here to help!

You can tell us what you’d like, or even have a go at designing your own Chromadek Signage using our Chromadek Signage Builder – then leave it to us to have it up.

We’re very highly rated on Google for a reason, so get in touch and find out why 1000’s of clients around Johannesburg chose us.

Light Your Own Way
Here at MST Sign Boards, we’re all about customer experience. This means being able to design your own custom Chromadek Signage with prompt support from our team.

We make this process seamless with our custom Chromadek Signage. If you already have a custom logo or design for your Chromadek Signage, upload it here.

Our experienced team will give you a realistic quote based on your design. We’ll then get you a free design proof before we start work on your Chromadek Signage, so that you’re 100% satisfied with the final product.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered until you receive your Chromadek Signage and put it on your wall.

We don‘t just do custom Chromadek Signage. We‘ve designed an extensive collection of top sellers so that you can find something perfect for your unique space.
Love pop culture? Shop artist collaborations and signs featuring cultural icons. Looking to decorate your outdoor bar? Find witty sayings and designs here at MST Sign Boards.
No matter what you want to say, you can find the Chromadek Signage that makes your space Amazing. Explore our inspiration gallery and get in on the hype surrounding the Chromadek Signage for Business!
Unlike other Chromadek Signage businesses, MST Sign Boards is passionate about every step of the process from conception to completion. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the way custom Chromadek Signage are made, how Chromadek Signage differs from traditional Banner, or how to easily install your new Chromadek Signage, we’re here to support you.
Of course, we don’t stop there. Finding the right Chromadek Signage can be difficult when there are so many options made available to you. Explore our blog and inspiration page to help you find the perfect vibe for your space or business with the Chromadek Signage aesthetic.
Traditional Chromadek Signage?
You’ve probably seen a Chromadek Signage before. But could you tell if it was a “real” Chromadek Signage? What does that even mean? Let us explain the difference between traditional Chromadek Signage.
Generate Buzz With Chromadek Signage
Looking to leave your mark on the world and generate buzz? We’ve partnered and created custom Chromadek Signage for everyone from Netflix to Coca-Cola — and we can deliver the magic of Chromadek Signage for your business or agency as well! Get started with Chromadek Signage today!