Dimensional logo signs are a popular signage choice that features a simple, elegant and eye-catching design. Common lobby sign materials include acrylic, steel, aluminum and metal laminates. With dimensional lobby signs, each piece of the sign is cut individually and made with the utmost precision to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look. Dimensional lobby signs add additional aesthetic appeal with their three-dimensional design, providing depth and texture to the display.
Internally Illuminated Signs

Internally illuminated signs create a sophisticated appearance that can effectively showcase your company’s logo with halo-lit channel letter signs. Internally illuminated signs offer a technologically advanced appearance that can showcase your modern brand. Energy-efficient LED lights are some of the most common lights when creating an internally illuminated sign. Internally lit signs are versatile lobby signs that can be free-standing or mounted on a storefront or internal wall.

Externally Lit Signs

Similar to internally illuminated signs, externally lit signs are a unique design that uses external light sources to add dimension to a sign. In some cases, overhead lighting showcases your sign and draws attention to its design. Other times, customizable lobby signs are paired with unique lighting sources for an attention-grabbing appearance. In addition to overhead lighting, externally lit signs often use recessed or underheard lighting for a dramatic effect.