Professional Signage Company In Johannesburg South Africa

We are MST Sign Boards, the fastest-growing digital signage provider in South Africa. Based in Johannesburg, we provide everything you need to captivate, engage and inspire your audience. We deliver world-class visual experiences through our digital signage systems, digital signage software, installation and technical support, dynamic visual content, and more.

From ideation to production, installation and maintenance, we offer a single source solution for all your signage requirements. With a large team of experienced professionals that is up-to-date with the latest trends, technology and installation methods, we can handle projects of any scale, whether it is a one-off project or a country-wide rollout.

MST Sign Boards ’ product range covers all types of illuminated signage:
Light banners: MST Sign Boards produces all kinds of single or double-sided banners ranging from standard banners which have printed/plotted fronts to high-end aluminum banners – which are also available in custom shapes. In addition, we also produce high-end light boxes with a flexible face front for shadow-free illumination even over long distances (such as on the roofs of filling stations).