High-rise buildings act as beacons above a city attracting attention and admiration for their strength and stature. If your business owns a high-rise, you want people to know it is yours. The benefits of branding a tall building with your name or logo include showing your dedication to your business and its success. You also want people to know what building is yours so they can identify it easily, creating brand awareness with new, potential clients. But installing signs on a high-rise building takes a specialized skill. You need a company that has experience in this area and knows exactly what to do as well as what type of permitting is required to hang a large high-rise sign.

MST Sign Boards creates custom high-rise building signs in Johannesburg and for other businesses across the country. Our high-quality signs are made from the finest materials and will look as good 10 years from now as it does the day after it’s installed. We handle comprehensive services for your high-rise signage, which means we assist you from the first drawing through the last moment of the installation process. You’ll be thrilled when you see our end results.


What Is High-Rise Signage?

High-rise signage is a branded sign that appears on the side of a high building, from 12 stories to skyscrapers. These signs are attached to the side of the building. They require outstanding attention to detail. From the ground, it can be difficult to see signs on high-rise buildings if you do not use the right materials. Our job includes making recommendations for tower signage with your building’s unique architecture in mind. Then we develop drawings for you based on your goals for your signage and the input you’ve given us on your company and what makes you unique. Once you have approved our draft, we approach your landlord, if you have one, and seek the permits you need from the city. We manufacture, ship and install your sign as well.