Side or Edge-lit Letters
Edge-lit letters are made of clear acrylic and illuminated through the front, edge or both. They may also be partially lit on the front or back half of the sides. The LED modules are installed on the back bottom and are low maintenance and energy efficient. We can also customise the letters with a translucent colour vinyl or mirror stainless steel on the front face for a sophisticated, boutique look.

Also called ‘Back-lit letters’ or ‘Reverse-lit letters’, these are a softer and classy look.

Front / Face-lit Letters
The most common type of 3D illuminated letter. These often have an acrylic face and aluminium sides (known as ‘returns’) and back.

Acrylic / Channel letters
The base of a 3D illuminated letter. Durable and affordable. Customise the style, size and colour to suit your brand. They may be laser/ router cut and made into 3D fabricated hollow acrylic letters, with the option of LED illumination.