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Business Lightbox Sign And Free Standing Light Box Sign With Perspex and Vinyl Graphics
In the City that Never Sleeps, your ability to capture people’s attention at night is arguably just as important as your ability to capture their attention during the day. People need to see you, your brand, your products, and more. One of the best ways to do that is with a custom light box sign from MST Sign Boards Johannesburg. As the leading sign company in South Africa and Johannesburg MST Sign Boards has a huge variety of light box sign options available. That way you can always have the perfect Lightbox sign for your storefront or showroom.

light box sign Johannesburg
What Is A Light Box Sign?
A light box sign is a color graphic that not only advertises your location during the daytime, but can also light up at night in order to promote your business 24 hours a day.

Light box sign acts as a beacon in the dark, allowing both your existing and your future customers to find your business after sundown. These types of lightbox signs are especially effective in making your storefront stand out for the right reasons — whether in a highly trafficked area or crowded marketplace.

If your business or organization is situated on a busy main road or congested urban street, you can rely on a lightbox Sign to get the attention of drivers whizzing by or busy pedestrians rushing past on errands. Just like a lighthouse signals the presence of a safe harbour to ships at sea, a light box sign tells passers-by that your location is an available and inviting destination to stop in and shop.

What type of illuminated lightbox sign is available?
A light box Sign can also sit in a front or side window in order to help advertise available products and services to the public. In addition to the benefits of light box sign as outdoor signs, they are also highly effective indoors. Whether announcing the presence of different departments, sales counters — or an additional business in a shared location — these front Shop light box sign will effortlessly help bring customers to you. Some of the best examples of light box sign we have in our customizable, made to order stock

single sided Lightbox sign cabinet Johannesburg
Double-Sided lightbox Sign Cabinet Gauteng
The single-sided Lightbox sign cabinets are best to use where they are mounted against a wall or in an area where traffic is generally from one direction.

double sided illuminated lightbox sign maker Johannesburg
A double-sided Lightbox sign has the same acrylic face on either side, allowing it to be seen regardless of which direction the audience is approaching from.

Wall blade light box sign Johannesburg
Wall Blade Light Box Sign
The wall blade option is one of the most common mountings for lightbox sign. The sign is mounted to the wall using a metallic structure just like a blade sign.

Free standing light box sign Gauteng
Free-standing lightbox sign its independent structures that are affixed directly to the floor or ground, with this style you can stand out and make a statement in any situation.

Wall mounted lightbox sign cabinet Gauteng
Lightbox sign with a company name, services, contact information, and other information can be mounted on either interior or exterior walls of a business space.

Partial lit light box signs Johannesburg
Only specified sections of the sign are lit when this option is selected, they are great for emphasizing a company’s name or logo.

Common Custom Business Light Box Sign
Basic Light Box Sign
The basic light box sign has florescent bulbs inside of a plastic or acrylic box that help light the image up front. While these signs can be painted, most of the basic light box signs come ready with an industry appropriate image and use acrylic panels to maximize the color and durability. They can be mounted on an exterior wall or used inside a front window.