High-Quality Lightbox Signage Gauteng

High-Quality Lightbox Signage Gauteng Sign Repair

We can assist you if a High-Quality Lightbox Signage Gauteng malfunctions. We can repair broken High-Quality Lightbox Signage Gauteng and restore old High-Quality Lightbox Signage Gauteng to make them seem like new again.

High-Quality Lightbox Signage Gauteng Printing is our Specialty

Lightbox Signage Gauteng are one of our top most selling sign in Gauteng and suburbs. These Lightbox Signage Gauteng are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. We offer 5 days Lightbox Signage Gauteng printing with optional hand delivery in Gauteng surrounding areas. We offer premium Lightbox Signage Gauteng with welded edges, hemmed and grommets without any extra charge.

custom vinyl Lightbox Signage Gauteng

Why Vinyl Lightbox Signage Gauteng?

The primary reason for vinyl Lightbox Signage Gauteng is because they are completely customizable. You can choose flat matte, high gloss or anywhere in-between. You can choose from monochrome to primary colors to full color including any shade imaginable. You can create custom Lightbox Signage Gauteng or move them to any location. A quick glance around will prove that Lightbox Signage Gauteng designs are everywhere, and their durability makes them a prime choice for hanging Lightbox Signage Gauteng outdoors through nearly any type of weather. Vinyl banners can be commonly seen in many different places, including:

Streets and Events – You’ll often see these Lightbox Signage Gauteng hanging over the street announcing an upcoming fair, from parade floats or on the outside of buildings. They are great for announcing the presence of clubs, gatherings, schools and businesses — either as a supplement to existing Lightbox Signage Gauteng or when traditional signs are not an option

Grand Openings – Lightbox Signage Gauteng also make excellent grand opening signs. You can buy a traditional grand opening Lightbox Signage Gauteng that can be reused and later resold, or you can create a custom, visually appealing grand opening sign from scratch featuring your business logo, mascot and other graphics.

Service Companies – Many service industries use these Lightbox Signage Gauteng to announce specials and sales. For example, you’ll often see these signs outside of car dealerships announcing a new deal on a lease, or outside a real estate office announcing upcoming rentals.

Lightbox Signage Gauteng Materials we Offer

After years of printing 1 Lightbox Signage Gauteng and trying different manufacturers, we have finally chosen the following three different thicknesses of Lightbox Signage Gauteng materials which are durable and print quality is amazing.

Lightbox Signage Gauteng is the most popular low-cost material choice for banners that is durable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and fade-resistant, and it has high tensile strength.

Lightbox Signage Gauteng is a premium and long-lasting vinyl material that is heavyweight and ideal for outdoor use in locations where winds exceed 20 kilometer per hour.

Lightbox Signage Gauteng high-quality vinyl material is commonly used to wrap awnings and tents, it is the best durable material available for long-term outdoor use.

MST Sign Boards uses the most updated print technology and Large format printers with latex ink to print your Lightbox Signage Gauteng. The Lightbox Signage Gauteng are not only UV resistant, but also fade resistant for a long time. Printed Lightbox Signage Gauteng can be customized as per your artwork, you can choose from material finishes, material thicknesses, and finishing options.

We offer two different types of Lightbox Signage Gauteng finishes. Our most popular and the best-selling finish is Matte. Lightbox Signage Gauteng A matte finish can be used to provide a smooth, subtle, and elegant appearance.

Gloss finish are very shinny and it will reflect lightning. Glossy Lightbox Signage Gauteng are easy to clean and can be reused if stored properly.

Hanging Options Lightbox Signage Gauteng

The installation of the Lightbox Signage Gauteng depends on the amount of space and location of mounting. If you have a limited amount of space at your events, MST Sign Boards  has a broad selection of custom hanging options for Lightbox Signage Gauteng. You can choose from the following options:

Lightbox Signage Gauteng – Light Box Displays – Light Box Signs

Lightbox Signage Gauteng – Light up your advertising graphics with low cost low energy Lightbox Signage Gauteng from MST Sign Boards.  Serving Gauteng, Santon, Rosebank and Bryanston, Johannesburg South, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg East , Johannesburg West.  We design, manufacture and install indoor and outdoor Lightbox Signage Gauteng, LED light boxes, Aluminum light boxes, Steel light boxes, PVC light boxes, Plastic light boxes, Metal light boxes.

Light Box Sign – Standup Display – Promotional Product

Lightbox Signage Gauteng can come in many different shapes and sizes.  The two standard types of light boxes are standup light box displays (shown above – uses fluorescent bulbs) and standard aluminum case wall mount or counter light boxes (typically use LED lighting).  They can be used for interior or exterior use.  Standard lightboxes are made from aluminum extrusions typically 8” deep for exterior and 6” for interior.  They are illuminated with fluorescent lights and transformers and the faces are plexiglass with either translucent vinyl applied letters or translucent complete coverage with digital graphics.  Non typical light boxes include formed faces which provide stronger durability to high winds.  As well Lightbox Signage Gauteng can be made from routed aluminum faces which are backed up with your choice of plexiglass colors.

Lightbox Signage Gauteng features:

Lightbox Signage Gauteng require very little maintenance.

Lightbox Signage Gauteng use the same amount of electricity as a typical house light.

The LED replacement bulbs are very inexpensive to replace.

Lifespan of 100,000 hours.

In comparison Neon Light Boxes require a lot of maintenance.