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Lightboxes, a type of illuminated sign, are an eye-catching way to draw attention to your business or brand. Lightboxes also tend to be more practical because they are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to change should your logo or brand need updates.

Illuminated signage allows your business to be seen no matter where its located or what time of day it is. Custom lightboxes from MST Sign Boards provide a visually appealing way to communicate with your customers. Lightboxes are used for both indoor and outdoor displays.

No matter what industry you and your business are in – retail, restaurant, community center, or education – your business will benefit from the visibility of lightboxes. They can be custom made to best display your brand and will help your business stand out.

MST Sign Boards. does not perform or offer to perform electrical sign work in any Province. MST Sign Boards is independently owned and operated. Sign Products
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When your goal is to make an impact and get a big bang for your buck, Lightboxes are the way to go. Lightboxes allow you to be creative, include your brand colors, and attract the attention of all passers-by, whether it’s daytime or night-time. You never want your business in the dark! When choosing the right type of Lightboxes, MST Sign Boards can offer options and ideas to help you make a decision.

There are actual benefits to installing modern lighted signs such as lightboxes and LED backlit signs for your business. For example, they have a long life because quality LEDs can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Additionally, they are much more eye-catching because of their brightness and their appearance is more impressive to customers. Then, of course, there is the fact that they are environmentally friendly and are incredibly low maintenance. They have lower power requirements, which means there is a reduction in electricity costs, and as mentioned previously, they can last for up to seven years so re-installation is not as frequent.

MST Sign Boards also offers Lightboxes as an option for your business. Lightboxes are made of LED Lights that are filled with a gas and bent into whatever letter or shape as the design requires. There is a certain amount of nostalgia that comes along with Lightboxes; they are commonly used in the restaurant and bar industry as well as hotels, convenience stores, and so much more.

Light the Way with MST Sign Boards Lighted Signs
MST Sign Boards has a team of sign experts who make signs for a diverse array of clients. Because of our experience, we ask the right questions to help you determine which type of sign is right for your business by industry type and geographical location. Whether you need a bright Lightbox sign or Lightboxes, you will not only be given options but also pros and cons for either. There are clear benefits to each type of lighted sign so you truly cannot go wrong! Let MST Sign Boards help you light the way to better business! From concept to installation, MST Sign Boards is your partner in making your business stand out.
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Also referred to as “halo-lit” lettering, LED Backlit Signs are popular for their visibility, both day and night. These signs can take nearly any business logo and make it pop with some added light effects. Use backlit signs to enhance your business’ lobby with some visual excitement.
Backlit Signs are produced with high-quality, efficient materials that provide a professional look to your business. Wherever your backlit sign will be – building exterior, windows, rooftops – a backlit sign will shine bright for your business.
LED Backlit Lightboxes from MST Sign Boards are custom made for each business and come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors to help promote your brand’s individuality. And as with any illuminated signage, your business will be noticed any time of day.
Lightboxes are a great way to announce an event, a sale (garage, real estate, etc.) or to promote yourself or your business to others. We pride ourselves in quickly creating custom Lightboxes at an affordable price. A high-quality lawn sign creates awareness throughout your community and neighborhood. From an I frame to an H frame design and with a variety of possible sizes, we’re sure to have the lawn sign you’re looking for.
Turn the casual shopper into a loyal customer with window graphics and lettering. Our window, wall and floor graphics and signs make the most of the unused real estate and surfaces in, on and around your business.
Lightboxes can simply feature your company logo for general awareness, or they can be taken to the next level by showcasing short messaging, promotions and other offerings.
Find out what other businesses in town already know—there isn’t a better place to get customized window, wall and floor graphics than right here. Some of the specialty graphics we can create for your business include:
Lightboxes and graphics are a surefire way to get your prospective customers to do a double take while you’re on the road. Whether you own a single company car, an entire fleet of cars, a truck or even a bus, vehicle graphics and car and truck wraps are perfect for marketing your business on the go.

Lightboxes and vehicle graphics are surprisingly affordable, and the one-time cost pays for itself from the large number of impressions your business will make around the city and the surrounding regions. We use high-performance vinyl materials that resist fading and cracking. Quality is everything, which is why you won’t have to worry about detergents or power washing destroying or altering your vehicle wrap.

Lightboxes and vehicle graphics we specialize in include:
Our traffic and property restrictions signs assist in directing your customers effectively. The signs are made of durable, heavy-gauge metal that guarantee a long life and are lettered with reflective materials for easy visibility.
Make an advertising statement wherever you are with high-quality, customized site signs. Our all weather signs are sure to get the attention of passersby. Yard signs can be used to promote a service well done, let potential tenants or purchasers know all the information they need or simply point people in the right direction.

With a wide range of Lightboxes solutions to fit any budget we can assist you in selling or generating referrals. We offer more economical plastic corrugated stake signs to the traditional, more durable metal-framed Lightboxes signs.

Our Lightboxes signs are made of durable plastic and printed using traditional screen printing techniques as well as the full color digital process. One side or two, it is up to you.
We warehouse a full library of common signs such as “STOP” to the more specific “Dumpster for Tenants Only”. Browse the hundreds we have in our online catalog to see if we stock the sign that fits your needs. If for some reason we don’t, we can work with you to customize signs to your situation.
Our capabilities are limitless and we will work with you to create custom Lightboxes and customized vehicle graphics to make your marketing dream come true.

If you need something a little more basic than a full or partial vehicle wrap, give our lettering and decals a look—they’d work on any vehicle.
Carpet graphics
Clear window decals and graphics
Concrete graphics
Customized floor graphics
Directional floor graphics
Hardwood floor graphics
Perforated vinyl decals and graphics
Removable floor graphics
Smooth floor graphics
Slip-resistant floor graphics
Static window clings
Store window graphics
Tile floor graphics
Vinyl window graphics
Lightboxes, wall and floor graphics and decals are just the beginning. You can also take your marketing and awareness initiatives to the next level with vehicle wraps and graphics for your company.
Get the custom yard sign you’re looking for today:

Birthday yard signs
Contractor yard signs
Custom yard signs
Directional yard signs
Garage sale yard signs
Graduation yard signs
Political yard signs
Real estate signs
Wedding signs
Yard sale signs
And more!
Looking for something similar to a yard sign that you can take with you on the go? Check out our Lightboxes. We can create custom Lightboxes for every kind of special occasion.
Let MST Sign Boards help you design, create and install
LED Backlit Lightboxes for your business today.
LED Backlit lightbox Signs
Lightboxes for your business today.
Monument Signs – Create classic, elegant signage at entrances or on lawns. Fabricated to mimic the architectural elements of your building, monument signs present a great first impression worthy of a church, temple or synagogue.
Post and Panel – Economical and versatile, post and panel signs can feature sandblasted wood signs, extruded aluminum, and custom-shaped metal panels. Smaller directional signs coordinate with your entrance sign for a great visual appeal.
Digital Displays – Programmable, eye-catching graphics and messages can pique the interest of passersby, announcing service hours, bake sales and other worship and church functions.
Hanging Banners – Present a beautiful and serene look to the front of your facility and this can then be echoed for other buildings in your complex.
Lightboxes – Another great option for your facility’s exterior signage needs but also an option in your interior spaces. The options are endless with lightboxes.
Fabric Banners – With many different size options available, a single banner beside your entrance is a simple and respectful way to welcome people to your religious facility. These are also a great way to advertise your community-building events. In the interior of worship and church spaces, as well as at events and seminars, fabric displays offer light-weight, high impact ways to attract interest to your area.
Custom Table Skirts – A dignified way to identify your worship and church organizations at conferences and during events.
Why Worship and Church Groups Choose Signage Shop: Divine Solutions for Your Signage Needs
Customize your church, synagogue or mosque’s signage and make that first impression the one that keeps members coming back for fellowship and worship. Our sign experts work with you to provide a comprehensive consultation that ensures signs display a powerful, impactful message. With your ideas and our experience working on signs for churches and other religious organizations, the possibilities are endless. Contact Signage Shop today to discuss some sign ideas today!
Who we are?

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MST Sign Boards is your full service outdoor signage for business. We use the latest technology and highest quality products to produce custom signs for your business. We can make the perfect signs to advertise your products or to inform your customers, while keeping the image of your company in mind.

MST Sign Boards can custom make any type of outdoor signage for business for your business including: ad specialty items, banners, box signs, channel letters, custom graphics, custom logos, digital graphics, signs, directory signs, individual letters and more!

Proudly serving customers in Johannesburg City, Bryanston, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Johannesburg South, and the surrounding Gauteng area.

After you’ve set up shop, you need to make sure you have proper outdoor signage for business for your customers and your staff. The right sign (retail signs, safety signs, event signs, business signs, etc.) establish credibility and generate awareness.

We specialize in custom Lightboxes, safety signs (ADA Lightboxes), directional signs, event signs and business retail signs. We have extensive experience creating store signs (custom signs and commercial signs) for businesses throughout the area.
Lightboxes Sign Repairs Made Easy
Get comprehensive Lightboxes repair services at MST Sign Boards Lightboxes and Sign Maintenance. We offer general repairs to Lightboxes and signage. We also offer storm damage repairs to signs. We have a specialized team with numerous years of experience to fulfill your needs.

You’ll be glad to know that we complete our service work within a week. Our time spent manufacturing your sign depends on the size of the project. We offer repair services to signs and lighting in parking lots. Get free quotes. If you are in need of a specific drilling service, we can also take care of that job right away. Call us at (073) 301-8601 for our quality Lightboxes services!
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