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Tell the world who you are with outdoor signs that highlight your presence while promoting your company’s unique identity!

We specialize in everything from outdoor event and meeting signs to architectural signage commercial and real estate signage.

Outdoor signage solutions may range from outdoor yard and sidewalk signs,  product marketing and promotion to even vehicle graphics of all types.

MST Sign Boards in South Africa, Johannesburg has been creating the best in complete outdoor, open-air signs and messaging solutions for more than a  decades.

Three Ways Outdoor Signage Solutions Can Work For You

Your outdoor sign is one of your most important marketing tools.

Outdoor signage will:

Grab customers’ attention

Inform them of your services

Inspire them to take action.

Due to its relatively low cost and extremely high audience, the cost per thousand impressions with outdoor signs is substantially lower than radio, TV, and print media.

We take your vision and bring in our unmatched industry know-how and cutting-edge, digital imaging technology to deliver the clearest and most powerful outdoor visuals available — within budget and on time.

We offer a wide variety of cost-effective outdoor signs, outdoor signage solutions and service solutions that get your message out of the office and into the outside world.

Are you not sure exactly what Outdoor signs solution will fit your needs?  Please visit our Inspiration Gallery to learn more about what signs fit your goals!

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Large outdoor signs are ideal for external use. We can create large signs as building signs, directional and wayfinding signs or any other type of outdoor signage. Our large outdoor signs are made with durable materials, making sure that your large signs are weather resistant and long lasting. Large signs are a great way of grabbing attention and increasing your brand exposure. Your large signs will be seen by anyone who passes by.

Our large outdoor signage is made bespoke to your specific requirements. We make large signage using dibond material, which is a long lasting and durable aluminum composite. We have a wide variety of fixing options, so no matter where you want to display your large signage we will have the solution for you.

Our large outdoor signage remains bright and is weatherproof, so your promotional messages and branding will always look professional and stand out.

Our installation team will be able to install your  large Outdoor signs wherever you want it displayed. Our team are Heights All Safe Contractor assured, helping to ensure you that we will install our signage products to the highest

We offer a range of large Outdoor signage. Ideal for external displays, large outdoor signs can help your business to stand out. Providing you with an eye catching form of advertising that will allow passers-by and potential customers to see your branding and promotional messages clearly.

All of our large Outdoor signs are produced to the highest quality, making sure that your large signs are durable and long lasting. We produce all of our large signs to bespoke specifications, helping you to achieve your signage requirements. We also use your bespoke designs and artwork to create our large outdoor signs, making sure they are unique to you and represent your brand and promotional messages. Our installation team are able install our large Outdoor signs, ensuring they are stable and safe, adhering to all health and safety standards.

Building signs are an effective promotional tool, showing off your branding whilst also making yourselves easier to find. All of our building signs are produced to your bespoke specifications, normally using dibond or acrylic material. We can also produce cut out lettering building signs, no matter what your design specifications we will be able to come up with a signage solution to suit you.

Building and business signs are an ideal way of increasing your brand awareness. We can create large building and shop fascia signs, to brand your building and create a professional display. Our building signs are high quality outdoor signs and are made custom to you. Alongside large outdoor business signs we can also create smaller wayfinding and directional signage.

Our building signage is ideal for branding your buildings. We have a wide range of materials available for building signage, all of which are weatherproof and long lasting. Our building signage will remain bright with vivid colours, helping your brand to stand out.

All of our building signage is made to bespoke specifications and requirements. There are a range of fixing options, making sure that your Outdoor signs will look impressive and adhere to all safety regulations.

We have an Heights All Safe Contractor assured installation team who are able to install our building signs to your one location or multiple locations. Our installation team will be able to install all of our building signs to a high standard and quality, they also offer a range of fixing options to make sure that your building and business signs are installed to your unique specifications.

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Outdoor Banner Signs In Gauteng

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Outdoor Signs in Johannesburg

Draw in motorists and pedestrians alike with custom outdoor signs made out of  banners.

If you want a tried-and-true solution to generating interest in your brand, product, service, or event, outdoor signs are an absolute must-have. Smart marketers have been taking their signage outdoors for over a hundred years. And that was before the heyday of motor vehicles; nowadays, you can take advantage of both pedestrian and motor traffic!

Outdoor banner signs, unlike permanent signage installations, are versatile and portable. And at MST Sign Boards , we partner with our clients to deliver custom banners at an affordable price.

Building a brand requires repeated exposure. Placed in the right, exterior location, banners can garner thousands of impressions a day. So, scroll down to learn more about the characteristics and benefits of outdoor banners that you can make use of in your advertising strategy.

What makes for great outdoor Signs design?

Start with a high-quality image.

Remember: outdoor banners are large – often very large. If you plan on using your own pictures rather than custom graphics, make sure the file resolution is sufficiently high.

Vector images are superior to bitmap formats, so make sure to use them as much as possible. Why, you ask? We’ll try not to get too technical, but basically, it goes like this: bitmap images are comprised of individual pixels, and as such, are inherently jagged. Vector images are defined by mathematical equations, meaning they’re almost infinitely scalable – perfect for a banner of any size.

Fonts matter.

Let’s start with the obvious: your outdoor banners will have to be read from a distance. We recommend sans-serif type fonts for maximum readability, as well as wide spacing between letters.

As a counterpoint, bigger is not always better. Capitalizing every letter actually obscures the messaging of a banner from a distance. The letters bleed together to form a rectangle to passing motorists until they draw closer.

Colors should contrast well.

Pick a background color that will juxtapose well with the lettering and full-color graphics you’ve chosen. Use a color wheel if you’re experiencing difficulty figuring out which colors coordinate with each other properly.

Don’t be afraid to read up on color psychology. Reds tend to induce excitement, cheerfulness, and vivacity, while blue evokes trustworthiness, tranquility, and calm. Go with colors that fit your business’s personality.

Simplicity goes a long way.

Don’t clutter your banner design with unnecessary details. After all, outdoor banners are meant to be read and absorbed before people zoom past them.

What are the most common types of outdoor banners?

Vinyl Banners – Vinyl is the de-facto standard in the world of banner printing. Outdoor vinyl banners are inexpensive, affordable, and durable. UV-resistant ink and weatherproof coating also means that their longevity is better than ever.

Mesh Banners – To put it simply, mesh banners are vinyl banners with holes in them. Now, why would anyone want a banner with holes in it? And the answer is: heavy wind! Mesh banners are wind resistant. While the porous structure of mesh banners means they’re slightly transparent, bold graphics and clear typography go a long way in increasing visibility.

Pole & Boulevard Banners – Often referred to as lamppost banners, street banners, or avenue banners, pole banners feature two hemmed pole pockets, which sit at both the top and bottom of the rectangular strip of material. They are displayed on lamps and light posts above busy roadways, principally for city-wide events and festivals.

Canvas Banners – Printed on a white, woven polyester fabric, outdoor canvas banners are perfect for upscale, lighted environments.  They sport a non-reflective, matte finish for subtle accenting. While they are not as rugged as mesh banners, they handle most outdoor signs conditions with aplomb, the only exception being rain and snow.

What are some popular uses for outdoor signs for banners?

Advertising banners

Birthday banners

Business banners

Celebration banners

Church banners

Civic banners

Concert banners

Convention banners

Event banners

Fair banners

Golf tournament banners

Graduation banners

Grand opening banners

Holiday banners

Military banners

Movie premiere banners

Parade banners

Political banners

Real estate banners

Red carpet event banners

Sale banners

School banners

Sports team banners

Sporting event banners

Trade show banners

How long will an outdoor banner last?

While longevity will vary depending on the geographic region you’re located in, most outdoor banners will last three years or longer. Prolonged exposure to the sun or moisture will accelerate the process of fading and deterioration.

Regular washing with a wet rag and warm water can prolong the life of your banner, and renew the sheen of your custom graphics. We recommend avoiding chemical cleaners.

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