Perspex light box signs is your trusted source for business signs for small and medium businesses in Johannesburg. If you’re a new business or if you are looking to refresh any of your signage inside or outside your office, retail space, church or public space, we can help you design, plan and install any type of sign. Whether it’s a yard sign for your event or you’re looking for fleet wraps for your delivery vans, our experts are ready to help you.
We can supply & install your pylon signs or design one for you from conception to completion.
We can also cost-effectively refurbish your existing sign by using the existing structure & re-cladding with the latest composite materials
At Perspex light box signs, we have a wide range of interior signage for your choosing. As the #1 interior sign company in South Africa, you can always expect excellent products delivered with excellent service. Give us a call for a FREE consultation today!
In our sign demonstration diagram we can show you exactly what kinds of signage we can make for you as it could look in your space!
However, just having any 3D sign in most cases isn’t enough. We take a multi-faceted approach with regards to style, color and shapes. Simply put, our goal is to reinforce your message in order to promote your business or service in the best light possible.

Perspex light box signs aims to deliver a superior experience to its customers every time. We listen to what your club needs and craft the perfect solution for your organisation. The team takes pride in our excellent consultation service where we take the time to understand your club requirements and provide a premium solution every time. We guarantee the delivery of a high-quality fixture that will be revered in your clubrooms for years to come. We also offer high-quality digital printing solutions.
If you’re looking for professional sign solutions for your architecture or engineering firm, we can help. Whether your project needs large or small exterior signs, LED message centers, dimensional signs and letters, wayfinding signage, ADA signs, glass decals, decorative or informational banners, wall graphics and interior signs, or easy-to-update digital displays, we can help. Let us use our decades of experience to help you.
Our friendly team offer free consultations so you can organise your club’s requirements with ease. We understand that every project is different and can adapt to your needs with high-quality designs, budget-friendly prices and excellent service.
Showcase your team’s pride and accomplishments! We can help with commemorative banners, custom wall graphics, gym or field signs, digital scoreboards, kiosks, way-finding systems, and mascot decals all the way up to wall graphics and vehicle wraps. Call on us to help you plan and implement all your graphics needs, including consultation, creation and installation services.
Whatever your club requires we have a broad range of Perspex light box signs options to help your clubroom shine. Give us a call on 073 301 8601 to organise a free consultation.
The appearance of a craftsman built board with gilded gold leaf lettering will add an elegant and traditional atmosphere to your clubrooms. We can also update your boards in computer cut vinyl lettering, or we can design new timber or Perspex boards to match your existing boards.
Often at this time of year sporting clubs can’t find an honour board that complements what is already up on the wall. Another issue is ensuring that the legends of their community are upheld for years to come. This means finding someone with the technology and skills to refurbish and maintain their boards.
Billboard signage a competitive environment. We can help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you need exterior building signs, dimensional or channel letters, an LED message center, ADA signs, lobby banners and displays or window graphics for safety, we can help market your products, offers and services. Call on Perspex light box signs to help you plan and implement all your graphics needs, including consultation, creation and installation services for Perspex light box signs.
Billboard signage & Perspex light box signs
Perspex light box signs can help you get your message heard. Draw the attention of potential customers with building signs, banners & flags, digital displays, decals, business cards and more. Your logo and marketing message can be professionally printed and displayed. We can help create and design custom packages, and manufacture and professionally install your signs to completion. Our experienced, professional team members are here to help with all of your business marketing needs.
When you need signage for your school or campus, Perspex light box signs can help. From LED message centers to dimensional letters, lighted signs, view-through window decals for classroom safety, way-finding signs, promotional graphics for events, ADA signs, or temporary banners, we can work with you from consultation to design, manufacture and installation. Our seasoned team of professionals is ready to help you.
Get Noticed With Illuminated Signs
Do you wish your business to stand out for the whole world to see? Perhaps it’s time you take your business to the next level with one of KFC’s amazing illuminated signs.
We offer personalized customer service, and have the equipment, experience and expertise necessary to create, manufacture and ship: print and graphics jobs and signs, banners, flags, exterior and interior signs, digital signs, business cards and even vehicle graphics.
Effective Advertising Day And Night
Making the most of your business location is a very important step in conventional marketing activities. Not to mention the effort to ensure they are happy once they step through your door Perspex light box signs can help you pick from a range of designs and styles to suit your business brand.
Have you ever gotten turned around in a hospital? Navigating through healthcare facilities can be difficult for patients and visitors. Our experienced team at Perspex light box signs can help plan, manufacture and install signs, dimensional letters, banners, decals and easy-to-update digital displays to guide everyone to their destination. Let our experienced team at Perspex light box signs help you with your next project.
Your business visual branding in the eye of your customers is also very important and we have the signs to help you stand out. It doesn’t matter what time of day, your business can sell itself all day long with bright signs.
We also do illuminated signage for buildings, apartments and other general purpose signage, as well as vehicles and honour boards.
When it comes to signs and graphics for local, state or national government entities, you can rely on our seasoned team of professionals. Let our experienced team at Perspex light box signs help you with your next project.
Perspex light box signs can help make promoting your restaurant simple. Call on us to help design and print custom signs, including menu boards, wall decals, temporary window signs & decals, banners, catering vehicle graphics, A-frames, point of purchase (POP) boards and more. We help you plan and implement all your graphics needs, including consultation, creation and installation services.
Our corporate listing information with the Small Business Administration documents these capabilities:
Finding just the right look for your business is important and the team at Perspex light box signs understand what it takes to make a business shine. Our team of skilled designers put to use the latest tech so your clients get the best impression of your business.
Choose Jag Signs To Handle Your Project
We can spec, design and manufacture high-quality signage for a wide variety of needs, industries and customers of all backgrounds & sizes. Our attention to detail is second to none and our customer service is what characterize us. We are one of Melbourne leading illuminated signs manufacturers, designers and installers. Visual display solutions offer sales opportunities along with energy saving light technology for indoor and outdoor environments.
Lightboxes & Illuminated Signage
We use all of the latest technologies to make sure you have the most modern efficient signage available. LED technology has advanced the ways in which your signs can be lit, from 3D fabricated letters, backlit logos and neon signs, we will craft you the perfect signs.
Perspex light box signs has been creating and manufacturing signs, decals, banners and printed manuals for the automotive, retail and appliance industries for decades. Let our experienced team help you with signs and graphics for safety, employee productivity, and quality control. If you need cost-effective printed manuals for your products, we can help with that, too. Draw on our experience at Perspex light box signs to help you plan and implement project management boards & displays, window decals, trade show displays & banners, glass decals, posters, vehicle graphics and more.
Perspex light box signs prides itself on its commitment to ensuring the creation of the perfect illuminated signs. Give the team a call today on 073 301 8601 to discuss how we can help your business stand out in your street. Special events, festivals, and tourist attractions can shine with signs and graphics from Perspex light box signs. If you’re planning an event or creating or sprucing up a local attraction, we can help. Work with our experienced team of experts to create custom signs and banners, pole and street signs, wayfinding systems, promotional yard signs, digital kiosks, glass decals, wall and window graphics, and anything else you can think of. You can also rely on our experienced team of installers to complete the job. Call us to find out how we can help promote your next big event.
Getting the attention of shoppers in a fast-paced retail location can be challenging. We can work with you to create custom signage such as window & door graphics, temporary banners, kiosks, wayfinding signs and even ceiling tiles that will make your business stand out and increase profitability. Call us for a consultation.
3D Fabricated Lettering
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3D Fabricated Lettering
Be it a busy metro area or even regional, a 3D sign is paramount in making your message stand out. They say, “it’s what’s inside that counts,” and that rings true even for businesses. How you present your brand using interior business signs has a large hand in your company’s image. It affects how your customers form an opinion on their experience with you and what you have to offer.
When you work with a professional sign partner, you can be sure that you will get it right. But what can they offer you?
There are plenty of sign options that can let your business succeed. However, not all signs are created equal. It is important to choose the right signage that can give value to your business.
How do you know which one to choose? Here are some tips:
Make a list : It is important to know how you want your signs to function for your business. Do you need signage that greets your customers when they walk in? Do you have products that you want to promote in-store? These can help determine the type of signs you need.
Assess your space : You may want to have multiple signs inside your store or office. However, you may not have the right space for it. Businesses with limited floor areas may want to consider using their walls, windows, and floors as marketing tools using vinyl graphics.
Work with a reliable interior sign company in Louisville : You may want to consider designing, creating, and installing interior signs yourself. However, there are plenty of benefits to hiring professionals to do the job. When you want your signs to be done right the first time, partner with an experienced sign maker.

They have the expertise to guide you in choosing the best signs for your business needs. They can also tell you the types of signs your space is required to have by law. They are well-versed in ADA, OSHA, and other guidelines that your business needs to adhere to.
Here is some basic indoor signage that can get your business started.

Custom Indoor Sign In Gauteng – Johannesburg Custom Signs
Indoor Church Sign In Gauteng By Johannesburg Custom Signs
Indoor Custom Church Sign In Gauteng By Perspex lightbox Custom Signs
Indoor Church Sign In Johannesburg – Johannesburg Custom Signs
Indoor Custom Church Sign In Johannesburg – Johannesburg Church Custom Signs
Indoor Church Sign In Johannesburg
Perspex light box signs & RESTROOM SIGNS
A Perspex light box signs is essential to your business for more reasons than simple compliance with the law. It offers you a chance to have small brand touch points throughout your professional space. The same goes for your restroom signs.
Anyone who spends enough time in your building is going to see them at one point or another! With the right customization, you can take these interior office signs from a simple necessity to a significant asset.
Your lobby needs to speak to your customer immediately, without ever actually saying anything. Lobby signs are how you can achieve this impressive feat.
Whether you want acrylic for a modern look or wood for something more rustic, lobby signs are the custom interior signs that can meet whatever your brand’s needs may be. Your lobby is an informal greeter for your business. Make sure it does the job right!
Branding is everything, and a mural is a way to proudly display the more creative aspects of what your brand has to offer. With modern printing technology, nearly anything that you (or our design team) can imagine can be printed to make stunning interior wall signs for your South Africa business.
A mural can have pictures of your work or perhaps of customers enjoying themselves in your business. You can also go the more artistic route and have a grand scale piece of work that represents your brand.
Whether you have a storefront, an entire building, or an office complex, you likely have a lot of glass to work with both in and outside your business. You may not want to cover them because the natural light is hard to resist. But, if you leave all your glass blank, you’re passing up a golden opportunity.
With window graphics and decals, you can print whatever design you need on high-quality vinyl and put it up wherever you like. These interior decals can create privacy for fishbowl-like glass conference
We can help you with all your signage needs. Choose from any of the signs below to learn more.
Acrylic Signs
ADA Signs
Bathroom/Restroom Signs
Cabinet Signs
Car Wraps
Channel Letters
COVID-19 Signs
Custom Banners
Custom Signs
Dimensional Signs
Exterior signs
Fleet Wraps
Floor Graphic
General Contractor
Hanging & Ceiling Signs
Interior Signs
LED Signs
Lobby signs
Metal Signs
Monument Signs
Neon Signs
Office Door Signs
Pylon Signs
Real Estate Signs
Storefront Signs
Trade Show Displays
Trade Shows & Event Signage
Truck Wraps
Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Wraps
Wall Graphics
Wall Murals
Wayfinding/Directional Signs
Window Graphics and Window Decals
Yard Signs
Pylon Signs
For Maximum Street exposure you can’t beat a pylon sign.
Due to it’s larger presence, a pylon sign is a proven strategic way to increase your brand’s visibility.
In a variety of shapes and sizes we specialize in providing pylon signs styled with a single or twin pole to even a covered monolith.
Whether you need a directional pylon sign or one to promote your business, our team of experts will cater to your specific needs.
When you work with Perspex light box signs, you don’t just pay and get a sign. That may work for some businesses, but our passion lies in working closely with our customers and building a relationship. We aren’t just another sign shop; we will be your sign partner. Here’s how we do it:
When you call us or visit our location, we immediately start on your consultation. If we miss your call or you send us a contact request through the site, we get to you as soon as we can. We don’t want to keep you waiting!
After your initial consultation, we will have you meet with our professional design team to craft a design that represents your business well and gets you the attention you need.
Depending on your custom signage needs, we handle any permitting that may be necessary for your sign. As part of this process we will look at your premises and find the best place for your sign to perform.
We create your sign, deliver it to your location, and install it in the best spot for it to shine. Both literally and figuratively!
After your sign is installed, we offer maintenance whenever necessary, and when it’s time to change your sign, we can take it down for you.
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