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MST Sign Boards creates exquisitely sharp and precise laser cuts of high quality glass, plastics and acrylics. Our custom formed acrylic signs, letters and logos feature spot on color paint matching and fine polished edges. Custom acrylic signage captures the attention, points the way, positions and reinforces your brand. Whether you are looking for interior or exterior signage, we have the capability to manufacture, install, project manage and advise you every step of the way. We have over 10 years of experience in producing and installing retail signage, office signage, directional signage, way finding

Perspex Signage
Perspex property signage etc. In and around the Johannesburg City area.
Channel Letter Perspex Signage is a three-dimensional graphic element with an individual structure and separate illumination. In simpler terms, a channel letter sign can be any letter, number, or other character that, when combined with other like characters, makes up a sign presentation. Each letter is made using aluminum sheeting, and acrylic. Channel lettering signs are highly flexible and can be made using a wide variety of fonts, colors, and sizes. We have the capability to manufacture, install, project manage, and advise you every step of the way. We have many years of experience in producing and installing retail Perspex signage, office Perspex signage, directional signage, wayfinding signage, property signage, etc. In and around Johannesburg City area.

Channel letters or channel letter signage are large individual letters. They are usually used as exterior signage in shopping centers, businesses, and churches. Channel letters come in different shapes and sizes, but their primary purpose is to deliver a bold and dynamic message that is hard to miss.
Channel letters are plastic or aluminum “pans” or “cans” shaped into letter forms. There are two terms used, first is “return,” which refers to the sides of the can, and the second is “face,” which means the surface seen by the viewer. You can mount channel letters individually on the wall, or they can be mounted to a “raceway” which is again mounted to the wall.
Channel letters are known as three-dimensional signs or letters made up of LED, aluminum, acrylic, Perspex Signage these signs are frequently used on most building exteriors, particularly in strip malls, malls, and large buildings. Malls might also have channel letter signs inside their building for each store. This type of signage offers great visibility as mostly the letters are 12 inches or taller per letter, and they are also internally illuminated, which increases visibility at night. It is very easy to make a large sign out of channel letters, as every letter is usually an individual unit.
If you are thinking of getting a channel letter for your business, then you’ve come to the right place as our channel letters will surely give your business the edge over your competitors.
We have our own facility in Gauteng wherein we get to work and create visually-pleasing indoor and outdoor Perspex signage for marketing. We have state-of-the-art printers and sturdy base raw materials that makes the colours pop out and provide attractive signage of the highest quality standards.
Powerful Visual Communication Solutions from the perspex Signage and Branding Experts of Gauteng
1 MST Sign Boards is fast-becoming one of the local leaders for custom signs, banner printing, CNC cutting and other marketing collateral in Johannesburg, South Africa. We established our shop in Johannesburg in the year 2008 and we have been working closely with MST Sign Boards, which was established in 2007. We have now expanded our Perspex signage services to cover the whole of South Africa
Within two years, we have quickly risen to become one of the most popular signage shops in Johannesburg. We have a high client retention rate of 93%, which shows our excellent quality products and attentive customer service.
We have our team of creative designers and branding experts who work together for marketing campaigns and for suggesting our clients on the best design elements for their business.
Perspex Signage for every industry – Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Nursery, Dental surgery, Pharmacy, Real estate, Election, and Construction.
Our mission is to provide high customer satisfaction that surpasses their expectations at affordable rates. We aspire to become the best printing and signage company in Johannesburg, helping customers to fulfill their needs in the shortest time without compromising on quality.
We have our own Sign Shop in Gauteng wherein we get to work and create visually-pleasing indoor and outdoor signage for marketing. We have state-of-the-art printers and sturdy base raw materials that makes the colours pop out and provide attractive signage of the highest quality standards.
Perspex Signage For LED Light Boxes
Most of our light boxes are made-to-order in house, offering a durable, lightweight aluminum frame with long lasting, energy-saving LEDs. We offer extensive customization options, and various graphic and illumination alternatives to support virtually any type of application.
Lighting Considerations
There are several lighting aspects that should be considered when choosing a Perspex Signage or Perspex light box Signage for your environment, such as the LED placement and the color temperature. Each factor affects the quality of light produced and how an illuminated panel or graphic will be perceived by a viewer. We offer different customization options to help you select the best light box for your needs.
How does a Perspex light box Signage work?
A Perspex light box Signage is built with an exterior frame and internal lighting source designed to illuminate a graphic from behind. All our light box frames are manufactured in-house, with lightweight and extremely durable aluminum extrusions.
Regarding the illumination, we offer Edgelit or Backlit light boxes.
On Edgelit, the LED bulbs are installed on the edges of the built-in etched acrylic panel, on which the graphic is placed directly, followed by the cover sheet. The Edgelit light boxes are more economical than backlit light boxes, for which the whole back of the graphic is illuminated.
Depending on the size of the light box you need, we will either recommend our Edgelit or Backlit options. In both cases, we will make sure that your graphic is evenly and harmoniously illuminated, as this is our primary concern.
Our Perspex Signage Manufacturing Expertise
We make all our parts from raw materials in our 3,000-square-foot Gauteng, South Africa facility. By extruding the aluminum for each light box, cutting steel bases from dimensional stock, and hand-placing LED lights in each base panel, we ensure that every aspect of what we build fits together to your exact specifications.

Cutting-Edge Sign Shop for Perspex Signage
We continue to make investments in robotic automation and other new, high-tech machinery to increase our production volume of Perspex Signage and expand the breadth of our custom product offerings, all while maintaining the precision and high-quality we’re known for.

Adaptable Operating System
We continuously cross-train our manufacturing employees to operate flexibly, allowing us to scale up and down quickly to meet tight timelines on everything from low-volume custom builds to high-volume, large-scale productions. And as always, our designers, engineers, and fabricators have continued to collaborate to solve complex design problems and bring best-in-class visual displays to life.
We love taking on complex projects that stretch us to learn, grow and adapt, so reach out and let us know how we can help you brighten your brand.
Our Perspex Signage Warranty
We support everything we build with our manufacturer guarantee. We will inspect any unit to determine cause of failure and replace or repair any defective illuminators at no charge. Any malfunction caused by freight damage or improper installation will be repaired at our normal service rates.
Our guarantee means you can count on us back up whatever we make for you, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Please contact us for more information on our Warranty.
We work with you and your franchisees to design and optimize every piece.
We create everything from an indoor menu display board to an entire outdoor drive-thru system, unique decorative branding signs to curbside signs, drive-thru headsets, and drive-thru intercom systems. We then hand build every part to ensure it meets your exact specifications and offers the highest quality standards. That way when you install it, you know it’ll work as well for your first customer as your 10,000th one.
We understand how critical timing is when opening a restaurant, or a coffee shop.
As one of the final things to be installed, your Perspex signage menu board signs & drive-thru system have to come in flawlessly to prevent delays.
At MST Sign Boards, we have a proven track record of delivering beautiful, custom cafe and drive-thru signage for Starbucks and many other national brands on time, every time.
We custom manufacture high-quality, Perspex Signage visual display products that stand the test of time.

Our in-house experts are ready to design, engineer and build next Perspex signage across a wide range of industries.
MST Sign Boards manufactures a wide range of LED and 3D illuminated signage . Custom made to the highest standard and supplied ready for installation. Veiw our catalouge for a range of products and ideas.
Here at MST Sign Boards we manufacture CNC router cut and laser cut out 3D lettering, Perspex Signage, logos, numbers in any number of materials:-
Cast brass or bronze with polished brushed satin finish, Perspex/acrylic or p.v.c with painted lacquer finish.
We fabricate 3D letters with front or back lit L.E.D’s for illumination.
A full installation service is provided.
3D Perspex Signage Illuminated Letters
3D Perspex Signage illuminated letters are a great way to let your customers know exactly who you are and where to find you. Nobody is going to miss your business thanks to a beautifully lit up sign that shines bight day and night.
Back your business with Perspex Signage
Backlit, 3D lettering with LED lighting creates a halo effect which looks both professional and elite. This cost-effective Perspex signage option looks great in every setting.
Ideal for retail businesses, shopping centres, professional businesses and hospitality. Our MST Sign Boards signage experts can guide you in terms of your letter sizing, selecting a simple or a more showy solution, as well as where your lettering will look its best. Whether your letters light up your building fascia, windows or rooftop, these backlit beauties will shine brightly for years to come.
We can transform your business
Your local Speedy Signs personnel can consult with you on-site to discuss the best options and positioning for your backlit signs. We work collaboratively with you to create effective backlit signage to suit your budget, brand and environment. Whether it be on the fascia of your building, within a window or mounted to a rooftop; the increased exposure from backlit signage will well and truly pay off in both building your brand and enticing customers to engage your service.
Tips for caring for your backlit letters
Proper care will extend the life of your backlit letters and keep them looking bright and brilliant. Regular maintenance of the electrics supplying power to the LED lights will boost durability. Our expert signage consultants are here to give you free professional advice to ensure you get the right sign for the use and location.
A fresh look at your restaurant or cafe
Welcome your diners with striking menu boards, awesome awnings and amazing windows
Well before your potential customers see your food, they see your signs, on the street and in your service areas. When they stand outside your cafe or restaurant, what do people see? Attractive and coordinated signage gives potential customers a sense of what you offer and when placed in a high visibility position, can boost your daily covers and takings.

You can use signs and promotional materials to:
help customers find your location easily
brand the exterior and interior of your site, making it unmistakable and memorable
announce the introduction of new menu items or offers with posters, table talkers or brochures
support service staff by suggesting up-sizing and up-selling of popular items
emphasise unique features of your food and beverage selections, such as where they are sourced from
promote time limited offers, such as set-menu events or early bird discounts
create and renew interest throughout the year with seasonal wallpaper graphics
Talk to our sign experts about brightening up your business to stand out from the crowd.
Invest in quality signs for a competitive edge
Many cafe and restaurant owners make the mistake of treating signage as a ‘set and forget’ part of their marketing strategy. But by improving permanent signs and regularly mixing in temporary signs you can achieve an attractive and consistent look, as well as creating fresh interest from new and existing customers. We offer two great sign tray options – standard sign trays that use vinyl graphics, and illuminated sign trays that are ideal if you require your shop front or business to have visibility after dark. Our sign trays are manufactured to the highest standard for eye-catching results. We offer a range of signage board materials with options suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, and permanent and non-permanent signage. All of our signage boards are made using high quality materials. Choose from illuminated, flat cut, or 3D lettering to create stunning signage for your shop front or business premises. Each type of lettering is available in a range of materials, finishes, sizes and colours to suit a range of requirements. Illuminated Signs. We produce nine styles of illuminated signs suitable for a range of purposes and looks. Many can be made to your exact specifications in terms of size, colour and design, for signage that fits y 3D Lettering to Make Your Signage Pop
3D lettering adds depth and interest to your signage and is a popular choice for the hospitality industry, shop front signage, and office premises. Built up lettering is an effective and easy way of adding visual impact to your signage, and making sure that you stand out from the crowd.
MST Sign Boards takes great pride and passion in understanding the needs of their clients. As every project is unique in the way in which it needs to be both fabricated and installed based on various applications.
Exterior Business Signs
Common Exterior Signage concept
3D Metal Letters and logos / Backlit 3D Letters / Face Lit 3D Letters / Push Thru Letters / Raised Letters on a Background / Custom Fabrication.
Blade Signs / Banners / Scaffolding Signage / Post and Panel Signs / Directional Signs / Exterior Grade Building Wraps / Window Graphics
Metal Plaques / Scaffolding Signage / Construction Job Site Signage / Custom Signage fabrication concepts.
Important information:
Most Exterior Signs require a signage permit. MST Sign Boards can assist in procuring permits for your signage projects.
It is very important to plan this process as procuring permits depends on how quickly the city can respond to the concepts provided for approval.
It is very important to start this process especially if you require signage to be up within a certain period of time. As fabrication should not start until permits are approved in case the city comes back to us with changes to the design Interior Office Signs
MST Sign Boards offers a large variety of interior signage, from dimensional letters to plaques and much more.
We have years of expertise in interior business signs and interior office signs in South Africa
From design to installation, you’ll get high impact custom interior signs for your needs & budget.
Reception Signs Gauteng
We don’t just make signs, we create impactful signs that will leave a lasting impression. First impressions count have MST Sign Boards Custom, Fabricate and Install your signs from start to finish.
Reception signs are one of the most important signs for your business as they help Identify your brand and image. This is usually the focal point behind a reception desk or lobby area.
Most reception signs are created from ½” Thick material to look well defined in your space. We have the ability to produce your reception sign in almost any font, and can custom fabricate your logos as well. Office Plaques

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