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Given your interests and skills in business signage boards in Johannesburg, you could start a custom sign and graphics business that caters to local companies and organizations. By leveraging your expertise in this niche, you could offer a range of services such as:

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- Designing and fabricating Custom business signs, banners, and displays
- Installing and maintaining signage for commercial properties
- Providing signage consulting and branding services to help clients enhance their visual identity
- Expanding into vehicle wraps, window graphics, and other on-site branding solutions
This business could differentiate itself by specializing in high-quality, eye-catching signage that helps Johannesburg-based companies stand out in their local markets. Building relationships with commercial property managers, interior designers, and marketing agencies could help you secure a steady flow of clients. With your skills in this specialized area, you have the potential to become the go-to sign maker for businesses in Johannesburg.


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